Bluelighthost, iCloud or BBS Commerce Ltd

Bluelighthost are doing a free 7 day trial ( It look great so I gave it a spin. 1/2 day later I had Ubuntu, Nginx, MySQL running a WordPress mu. Brilliant! You get a medium VM for £15 ex vat so, after checking my vm would stay alive I signed up. Next day my vm was gone :-( Apparently I didn’t choose an upgrade. They couldn’t restore it and I got passed from pillar to post (the number on the support ticket was iCloud not Bluelighthost). When I eventually got through to Bluelighthost they told me to send an email! They did answer the email quickly but by that time I had restored an image of my server to a home machine and was slightly annoyed. They refunded my money without question.

Conclusion: Probably a good service but some organisational teething problems. Always keep backups and triple check when upgrading that your vps will survive.